Friday, December 5, 2008

Travel Itinerary!

Here is our travel itinerary while in China ~

12-14  Arrive in Guangzhou at 10:40 pm, meet guide at airport, check into White Swan Hotel
12-15  Meet our baby in the afternoon at the Registration Office (our official Gotcha Day!)
12-16  Proceed with adoption registration and notary
12-17  Apply for baby's passport, touring the Walking Street
12-18  Visit Liu Rong Temple and Liu Hua Hu Lake Park
12-19  Visit the zoo
12-20  Visit Bai Yun Shan Park
12-21  Resting....
12-22  Receive baby's passport and other paperwork, physical exam and taking pictures for Visa application
12-23  Apply for visa at 10:30 am
12-24  Pick up Visa in the afternoon
12-25  Leave Guangzhou at 9:30 am and come home!  Merry Christmas!!!!